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3rd Reich / Hitler's ufos and the nazis most .. (2 DVD)

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Tha Nazi's possessed technology that was 100 years ahead of the allies. After being captured, many top scientists and psychiatrists of the elite Nazi regime, admitted that an outside force assisted them, and that the 3rd Reich's ultimate mandate was to create "the most powerful weapon". Hitler's UFO's is the story of the Nazis and the Aliens from outer space.

Researchers now believe WWII was the result of a massive, worldwide conspiracy by an elusive secret society known as the Illuminati. A secret sect so powerful they not only control economics and politics, but may very well be involved in manipulating society itself via advanced technology; while controlling staggering secret knowledge not shared with anyone, including the heads of nations.

From the first jet aircraft and V-2 rocket encompassing incredible advancements in science and engineering, the Nazis were miles ahead in every area, including genetic manipulation, mass hypnosis and unfathomable experiments into the nature of time and space itself. Explore the influence of 3rd Reich technology cloaked in mystery and how it effects our world today.


Titel:3rd Reich / Hitler's ufos and the nazis most ..
Typ:2 DVD
Lagerstatus:Finns i lager Skickas inom 1-3 vardagar
Antal skivor:2
Längd:2 tim 30 min
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