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Bragg Billy & Wilco

Mermaid avenue / Complete.. (3 CD + DVD)



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In celebration of the centennial year of Woody Guthrie's birth, Nonesuch Records releases Mermaid Avenue: The Complete Sessions, on Record Store Day (April 21). When American folk legend Woody Guthrie died in 1967 at the age of 55, he left behind a trove of more than one thousand sets of complete lyrics with no music. In 1995, his daughter Nora approached English singer-songwriter and activist Billy Bragg and about the possibility of bringing these unheard songs to life by setting them to new music. Wilco came aboard soon after, and in 1998 Mermaid Avenue was released to critical acclaim, receiving a Grammy nomination for Best Contemporary Folk Album. Mermaid Avenue, Vol. II followed in 2000, and together the two have sold close to one million copies to date.

Now, for the first time, Nonesuch releases the complete recordings from the project in one box set set. Mermaid Avenue: The Complete Sessions includes:
" Mermaid Avenue
" Mermaid Avenue, Vol. II (remastered)
" Mermaid Avenue, Vol. III; a third disc of 17 previously unreleased recordings made during the Mermaid Avenue sessions
" Man in the Sand, the 1999 full-length documentary of the Mermaid Avenue sessions
" 48 page full-color booklet with liner notes by Geoffrey Himes and Greil Marcus, full lyrics, archival photographs, and facsimiles of lyric sheets and sketches by Woody Guthrie


Artist/grupp:Bragg Billy & Wilco
Titel:Mermaid avenue / Complete..
Typ:3 CD + DVD
Kategori:Pop, Rock & Punk
Lagerstatus:Beställningsvara Obekräftad leveranstid


  • 1. Walt Whitman's Niece
  • 2. California Stars Billy Bragg And Wilco
  • 3. Way Over Yonder In The Minor Key
  • 4. Birds And Ships Featuring Natalie M Billy Bragg & Wilco Featuring Natal
  • 5. Hoodoo Voodoo Billy Bragg And Wilco
  • 6. She Came Along To Me
  • 7. At My Window Sad And Lonely
  • 8. Ingrid Bergman
  • 9. Christ For President
  • 10. I Guess I Planted
  • 11. One By One
  • 12. Eisler On The Go
  • 13. Hesitating Beauty
  • 14. Another Man's Done Gone
  • 15. The Unwelcome Guest
  • 16. Airline To Heaven
  • 17. My Flying Saucer
  • 18. Feed Of Man
  • 19. Hot Rod Hotel
  • 20. I Was Born
  • 21. Secret Of The Sea
  • 22. Stetson Kennedy
  • 23. Remember The Mountain Bed
  • 24. Blood Of The Lamb
  • 25. Aginst Th' Law
  • 26. All You Fascists
  • 27. Joe Dimaggio Done It Again
  • 28. Meanest Man
  • 29. Black Wind Blowing
  • 30. Someday Some Morning Sometime
  • 31. Bugeye Jim
  • 32. When The Roses Bloom Again
  • 33. Gotta Work
  • 34. My Thirty Thousand
  • 35. Ought To Be Satisfied Now
  • 36. Listening To The Wind That Blows
  • 37. Go Down To The Water
  • 38. Chain Of Broken Hearts
  • 39. Jailcell Blues
  • 40. Don't You Marry
  • 41. Give Me A Nail
  • 42. The Jolly Banker
  • 43. Union Prayer
  • 44. Be Kind To The Boy On The Road
  • 45. Ain'ta Gonna Grieve
  • 46. Tea Bag Blues
  • 47. I'm Out To Get
  • DVD: Man in the sand, a documentary about the making of Mermaid Avenue
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