1. 1. Merle's boogie woogie (with Bonnie Raitt and Merle Travis)
  2. 2. Quiet your triflin' on me (with Lou Ann Barton)
  3. 3. Austin waltz (with Chris O'Connell
  4. 4. Caterpillar (with Mae West)
  5. 5. Mae West made us laugh (with Johnny Legend)
  6. 6. Waitin'in school (with Ronnie Mack)
  7. 7. Guitar rag (with Del Shannon and Merle Travis)
  8. 8. Texas sand (with Harvey Campi)
  9. 9. Don't let the stars get in your eyes (with Rosie Flores)
  10. 10. Two kinds of money (with Rip Masters)
  11. 11. High school hell cats (with Tony Conn)
  12. 12. Wee mouse (for Harold Layman)
  13. 13. Blue ranger (for Hank Snow)
  14. 14. Rollin' the rock boogie (with Kevin Fennell)
  15. 15. Get along (with Orville Nash)
  16. 16. Sweet temptation (with Rose Madox and Merle Travis)
  17. 17. Wine is fine (with Tony Conn)
  18. 18. It ain't rocket science (with Pep Torres)
  19. 19. If you've got the money I've got the time (with Rosie Flores and Ronnie Mack)
  20. 20. Come (with Vivian Worden)
  21. 21. Dobro daddio from Del Rio (for Robert Harris)
  22. 22. How low can you feel (for Jimmie Skinner)
  23. 23. Rockabilly count (with Count Smokula)
  24. 24. Over the hill (with Johnny Legend, Tony Conn And Bobby Mizzell)
  25. 25. Pink elephants (with Ian Whitcomb)
  26. 26. Dad gave my dog away (for Tex Ritter and T Texas Tyler)
  27. 27. Spanish two step (with Harold Layman)
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