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Complete edition (17 CD)



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This 17CD set is the third Chopin Edition by Brilliant Classics, an all-time favourite of one of the most popular and universally loved composers of all times. The piano works of the Polish master touch the heart chords of every listener and music lover around the world, they speak the universal language of beauty, melancholy, tenderness and passion. This third Edition is also the best: it contains no less than 7 new recordings and several new licensed recordings. New recordings are: Etudes (Alessandro Deljavan, one of the most extraordinary performances ever recorded), Waltzes (Alessandro Deljavan), Piano Sonatas 2 & 3, Preludes, Ballades, Impromptus (Wolfram Schmitt-Leonardy, wonderfully idiomatic, 'Fanciful, illuminating, stimulating and compelling' Classics today), Mazurkas (Rem Urasin). The piano concertos are played by Ewa Kupiec, the other works for piano and orchestra by Abbey Simon. The Nocturnes are played by Earl Wild ('silvery, deeply felt'), the Scherzi by Ivan Moravec, one of the best Chopin recordings by the Czech master.An important and high quality set, not to be missed at bargain price!


Titel:Complete edition
Typ:17 CD
Kategori:Klassiskt | Boxar
Lagerstatus:Finns i lager Skickas inom 3-6 vardagar
Antal skivor:17
Label:Brilliant Classics


  • 1. Concerto For Piano And Orchestra No . 1 In E Minor Op. 11
  • 2. Variations On La Ci Darem La Mano I N B-flat Op. 2
  • 3. Cello Sonata In G Minor Op. 65
  • 4. Polish Songs Op. 74.
  • 5. Etudes Op. 10. Etudes Op. 25
  • 6. Ballade No. 1 In G Minor Op. 23
  • 7. Andante Spianato And Grande Polonai Se In G Op. 22
  • 8. 3 Polonaises Op. 71: Polonaise In D Minor / Polonaise In B-flat / Polo
  • 9. Piano Sonata No. 1 In C Minor Op. 4
  • 10. Scherzo No. 1 In B Minor Op. 20
  • 11. 24 Preludes Op. 28
  • 12. 2 Mazurkas B16: Mazurka In G / Mazu Rka In B-flat
  • 13. Mazurkas Op. 33: Mesto In G-sharp M Inor / Vivacee In D / Semplice In C
  • 14. Nocturnes Op. 48: Lento In C Minor
  • 15. Nocturnes Op. 48: Andantino In F-sh Arp Minor
  • 16. Grande Valse Brillante In E-flat Op . 18
  • 17. Variations Brillantes In B-flat Op. 12
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