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Columbo / Säsong 5 (3 DVD)



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Här är den femte säsongen av den kultförklarade serien Columbo samlad. Den klurigaste deckaren genom tiderna!
A Case of Immunity:
Columbo has to solve a crime at the embassy of a middle-east nation. The culture there is different, and the main suspects have diplomatic immunity.

Forgotten Lady:
Grace Wheeler Willis was a star, a very famous star. Every night in her house she sees one of her old movies. When she decides to set up a new show and her husband refuses to finance it, Grace coldly kills him staging a suicide.

Identity Crisis:
The deceptively absent-minded police lieutenant, Columbo, investigates a complex murder case, pitting his wits against a wily secret agent working for a covert government organisation.

A Matter of Honor:
Famed matador Luis Montoya is a national hero in Mexico. His ego cannot countenance any blemish on his reputation. So when one of his best friends witnesses an event that could shatter that reputation, and tries to leave Montoya's sphere of influence, the bullfighter acts quickly and decisively with a clever murder.

Now You See Him:
The Great Santini, a successful Los Angeles night-club illusionist, is really an ex-Nazi named Stefan Mueller. When his employer, Jesse Jerome, threatens to reveal his true identity to the Israeli government, Santini kills Jerome in a cleverly conceived scheme to commit the crime while in the process of performing an act on stage, in which he is bound by chains and submerged in a tank.

Last Salute to the Commodore:
Commodore Otis Swanson is tired of seeing his once-upstanding shipbuilding business turned into a faceless behemoth by his greedy son-in-law, Charles Clay. At a celebration of the Commodore's birthday, the crusty old sailor tells Clay, his drunken daughter Joanna, his nephew Swanny, and employees Kittering and Wayne Taylor that he intends to sell the company. The Commodore vanishes at sea that night, and Lieutenant Columbo thinks Clay as something to do with it. But the road to the truth is filled with surprises that even Columbo won't expect.


Titel:Columbo / Säsong 5
Skådespelare:Peter Falk
Typ:3 DVD
Kategori:Action & Äventyr | TV-serier & Boxar
Lagerstatus:Utgått ur sortimentet Kan inte levereras
Antal skivor:3
Bildformat:4:3 Full frame
Ljudformat:Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono
Textning:Svenska, Norska, Danska, Finska
Längd:8 tim 26 min
Åldersgräns:15 år
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