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Scarface / Wooden cigarr box (Blu-ray + DVD)


Blu-ray + DVD

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Löjligt cool cigarrlåda med Scarface på BD och en massa godis, se specifikation nedan.

Redan i uppsamlingslägret i Miami lär sig den unge kubanen Tony Montana, den brutala sanningen. Det är bara brott som lönar sig för en fattig flykting. Den blomstrande kokainsmugglingen blir hans språngbräda till framgång. Och Tony Montana är smartare, hänsynslösare och hungrigare än sina konkurrenter.

Boxset to Include:
o Blu-Ray
o 24pp Booklet (size TBC)
o Money Clip
o 5 x Artcards
o Green Card wallet (envelope, Scarface dollar bill and fake greencard)

- See following page
o Deleted Scenes (23 Min)
o The World Of Tony Montana (10 Min)
- Experience the world of the ultimate gangster in this all-new feature. Hear from experts on the real world violence, fear and paranoia that surrounds a drug lord.
o The Rebirth (10 Min)
- Director Brian De Palma, Producer Martin Bregman, Actor Al Pacino, and Screenwriter Oliver Stone revisit the history of the project, from the inspiration of the original Howard Hawks classic, to the evolution of the script.
o The Acting (15 Min)
- Join the filmmakers, Al Pacino and Steven Bauer, and discover how each of the roles were cast and how Brian De Palma worked with his actors to get classic first-rate performances
o The Creating (30 Min)
- A fascinating, controversial and definitive journey through the making of the film, which began with the production being forced to leave Florida, their initial location. Discover how the chainsaw scene was filmed, learn about the production design, the photography, and the struggle to get the film an "R" rating.
o Scarface: The TV Version (3 Min)
- A revealing and hilarious montage of film clips comparing the theatrical version to the network version of SCARFACE.
o TV Clips (3 Min)
o This all-new documentary will present SCARFACE as a unique phenomenon in Cinema history: How a film doomed and plagued with a troubled production, controversy, and bad press is considered today a cult classic!
o Along with the original cast and crew, we propose to interview a variety of celebrities and filmmakers who will discuss Scarface from different angles. Some worked on the film, some didn't, but they all have something to say about it.
o Actors will discuss how the performances in the film influenced them and inspired them. They'll re-enact their favorite lines, mention their favorite scenes and highlight the great lessons to learn from the cast of Scarface.
o Directors/Filmmakers will explore another side of the film. They will explain the cinematic style of director Brian de Palma, the strength of the script by Oliver Stone and pay tribute to the film's larger-than-life approach. They will also explore the dark side of the film and how the shocking action scenes basically redefined screen violence for years to come.
o Rap/Hip Hop artists and famous athletes will discuss their personal reactions and appreciation for the film.
o Documentary Director Billy Corbin (Cocaine Cowboys) and Entertainment Weekly Editor Ken Tucker will offer a real look at the story behind Scarface and discuss how the film has entered and influenced pop culture.
o Ultimately, we ask the question, was Scarface ahead of its time? Today, the answer seems obvious.

o Viewers will be able to access a parallel experience while watching the film, featuring the following:
o Scene-Specific comparison between the original Howard Hawks' Scarface and Brian DePalma's version
o Raw archival (and new) interview footage with the filmmakers and cast pertaining to specific scenes & moments in the film.
o Scene-Specific comparison between the "clean" network version and final film.
o Picture in picture reading of the original production notes from the film read by a Scarface celebrity (F. Murray Abraham or Steven Bauer). Illustrated with unit photography from the film.
o A pop up text indicating when and where each scene was filmed
o Dailies from iconic scenes (if they exist)
o Reading of excerpts from the official novelization from the film


Titel:Scarface / Wooden cigarr box
Regissör:Brian DePalma
Skådespelare:Al Pacino
Typ:Blu-ray + DVD
Kategori:Thriller & Deckare
Lagerstatus:Utgått ur sortimentet Kan inte levereras
Bildformat:2.35:1 HD Widescreen
Ljudformat:dts-HD Master Audio 7.1
Textning:Svenska, Norska, Danska, Finska
Längd:2 tim 50 min
Åldersgräns:15 år
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