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Sherlock Holmes Collection Vol 1 (DVD)



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Fem "avsnitt" med Sherlock Holmes i spetsen:

The case of The Eiffel Tower
A man has been found lying dead in the street. Recovered from his person are 100 English pounds, an obscure French coin, and a note with an appointment. Inspector Lestrade of Scotland Yard is puzzled by the note, so naturally, he seeks Sherlock Holmes' advice.

The case of The Jolly Hangman
A woman comes to see Sherlock Holmes and tells him her husband, William, is dead. She was told her husband hanged himself in a hotel room in Glasgow while on a business trip. She, however, does not believe it.

The case of The Cunningham Heritage
Returning to London after having served as a military doctor, Dr. Watson is looking for a place to live and someone to share the expenses with. A friend introduces him to Sherlock Holmes and the two men move into a flat on Baker Street. They get to know one another briefly and Sherlock asks Dr Watson in he would like to join him in a murder investigation.

The case of The Diamond Tooth
Holmes works on the case of a body found floating in the river. It seems the body had been mysteriously crushed to death and the left hand on the dead man shows signs he worked as a diamond cutter.

The case of The Neurotc Detective
London is being swept by a number of large thefts and Inspector Lestrade asks Holmes for his help. Holmes turns Lestrade down, telling him to solve the case himself. Lestrade is baffled by this unprecedented behavior on the part of Holmes. Watson has also noticed that Holmes has been acting rather strange as of late. When Holmes leaves the flat for a "private" appointment, Watson decides to follow him.


Titel:Sherlock Holmes Collection Vol 1
Regissör:Jack Gage m fl.
Skådespelare:Ronald Howard,
H. Marion Crawford
Kategori:Thriller & Deckare
Lagerstatus:Utgått ur sortimentet Utgått ur sortimentet
Antal skivor:1
Längd:2 tim 10 min
Åldersgräns:15 år
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