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Gloria Story

Born to lose (Vinyl LP)

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Vinyl LP

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Where bands like Rival Sons explore the heavier stuff from the 70's, old school rockers The Gloria Story have their focus on, and reinvents the more party oriented sounds of that same decade. The Gloria Story is a mashup of punk rock attitude with hard rock energy - always with an analouge feeling, a humorous twist and a dark soul. The Gloria Storys debut album "Shades of White" instantly hit the #1 spot on Swedish rock charts upon it's release in june 2011. The band has also been awarded with a platinum disc for 20.000 sold copies of "OH NO (2010)". Constant touring in recent years include shows at Sweden Rock Festival and Skogsröjet, and opening for bands like Thin Lizzy and Gilby Clarke.


Artist/grupp:Gloria Story
Titel:Born to lose
Typ:Vinyl LP
Kategori:Pop, Rock & Punk
Lagerstatus:Beställningsvara Skickas inom 3-6 vardagar
Antal skivor:1
Label:Wild Kingdom


  • 1. Born To Lose
  • 2. I See You Tomorrow
  • 3. Borderline
  • 4. Live Your Life In Shame
  • 5. Torture And Pain
  • 6. Sex Is In The House
  • 7. Chill Me
  • 8. Travelers Mind
  • 9. The Only One Who Knows
  • 10. Fire Won't Fade
  • 11. The Black Hole
  • 12. Waiting For The Judge
  • 13. Alone
  • 14. Caryn
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