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Gustafsson Rigmor

When you make me smile 2014 (CD)

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Jonas Holgersson - drums
Magnus Lindgren - tenor sax, clarinet, flute (on 03, 05 & 11)
Patrick Skogh - trumpet & flugelhorn (on 03, 05, 09 & 10)
Karin Hammar - trombone (on 03, 05, 09 & 10)
Anders Wiborg - bass trombone (on 05, 09 & 10)
Jesper Nordenström - organ
Calle Rasmusson - percussion
Dalasinfoniettan conducted by Jonas Nydesjö

"This album is a dream come true. I started to write songs about two years ago and contacted Dalasinfoniettan, an absolutely fantastic Swedish orchestra that I love. For a short while I was thinking that there are already so much lovely music out there to record, but felt very fast that for me it's natural to compose new material. It has been both a freedom and a challenge to have an orchestra available. Freedom, simply because a big orchestra gives so many possibilities, especially sound wise. Challenge, because I'm used to smaller constellations with another flexibility and different possibilities to improvise. In this case I had to decide carefully in advance how I wanted everything. It has at the same time been tremendously fun. I hope that everyone who listens will share my happiness about the project." (Rigmor Gustafsson)


Artist/grupp:Gustafsson Rigmor
Titel:When you make me smile 2014
Lagerstatus:Fåtal i lager Skickas inom 1-3 vardagar
Antal skivor:1


  • 1. Call Me Lonely
  • 2. Forget About the Moonlight
  • 3. A Different Kind
  • 4. If Dreams Are Made of Sand
  • 5. When You Make Me Smile
  • 6. I Get Along
  • 7. Nobody Does It Better
  • 8. Stay, Stay, Valentines Day
  • 9. Finally Falling in Love
  • 10. Blind as a Bat
  • 11. Woke Up On Sunday (In Saturday's Shoes)
  • 12. Let It Go
  • 13. Hymn
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