1. 1.  If You Love Me (With Van Morrison)
  2. 2.  The Thrill Is Gone (With Tracy Chapman)
  3. 3.  Rock Me Baby (With Eric Clapton)
  4. 4.  Please Send Me Someone To Love With Mick Hucknall)
  5. 5.  Baby I Love You (With Bonnie Raitt)
  6. 6.  Ain't Nobody Home (With D'Angelo)
  7. 7.  Pauly's Birthday Boogie (With Jools Holland)
  8. 8.  There Must Be A Better World Somewhere (With Dr John)
  9. 9.  Confessin' The Blues (With Marty Stuart)
  10. 10.  Dangerous Mood (With Dionne Warwick)
  11. 11.  Bring It Home To Me (With Paul Carrack)
  12. 12.  Paying The Cost To Be The Boss (With The Rolling Stones)
  13. 13.  Let The Good Times Roll (With Zucchero)
  14. 14.  Dangerous Mood (With Joe Cocker)
  15. 15.  Keep It Coming (With Heavy D)
  16. 16.  Cryin' Won't Help You Babe (With David Gilmour & Paul Carrack)
  17. 17.  Night Life (With Willie Nelson)
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