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Koontz Dean

Frankenstein 3- Dead And Alive

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The Frankenstein story is updated to the 21st century by the great American storyteller Dean Koontz. Now someone new is playing god. Frankenstein lives! And so too does his monstrous creation ! but this creature of legend is a monster no more, except in appearance. The scars he bears from his maker's wrath have been disguised with tattooes, but he has only half a face. His name is Deucalion. Frankenstein has resurfaced in 21st century, pre-Katrina New Orleans, and Deucalion determines to try again to kill the evil doctor before the new generation of monsters infecting the city can kill more people. So far, in Prodigal Son and City of Night, he has won the trust of two police officers, Detectives Carson O'Connor and Michael Maddison. But Frankenstein's killers, stronger than any human, are everywhere, from the police force itself to the church, and the fate of City of Night is more perilous than ever before ! This is a powerful reworking of one of the classic stories of all time.


Artist/grupp:Koontz Dean
Titel:Frankenstein 3- Dead And Alive
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