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Nalen / The National mansion (Bok)

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A building, a legend, a temple of music: home of Nalen, Sweden's most legendary jazz venue.
Nalen was affectionately referred to by regulars as "The Stack" - and they were certainly treated to stacks of great music, with performers ranging from fully-fledged international stars like Charlie "Bird" Parker to young hopefuls trying their wings for the first time.

This book will tell you all you ever need to know, and a lot more that you never even suspected that you need to know, about Daisy-Belles, diggers, the Society of Unity and Friendship, Harlem, and Anna-Lisa's dressmaking. It also includes a field guide to various taxonomical types which occur commonly today as they did back then.


Titel:Nalen / The National mansion
Lagerstatus:Utgått ur sortimentet Utgått ur sortimentet
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Förlag:Info Books
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