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NASA Collection (2 DVD)

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Are there extraterrestrial beings in Outer Space? Was the Apollo Mission a hoax? Who won the Space Race? Did we really reach Mars? How do we really know other galaxies exist? What was the real reason for the Challanger disaster? Hundreds of questions floods the minds of students and teachers but answers aren't too far behind. Proving sceptics wrong, the history of NASA not only represents the development of technology but also a journey of man and his quest to discover the unknown.

NASA Collection takes an inside look on space exploration, answering the question of man's true existence. Experience a journey like no other; a journey of rockets and shuttles, rovers and satellites; a journey only seen in the 21st Century. Consider the endless possibilities as NASA bridges the gap between Man and Space, launching the world into a fused era of reality and fantasy.


Titel:NASA Collection
Typ:2 DVD
Lagerstatus:Utgått ur sortimentet Utgått ur sortimentet
Antal skivor:2
Bildformat:NTSC 4:3
Ljudformat:Dolby Digital 2.0
Textning:Ej textad
Längd:2 tim 50 min
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