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Plasma Art / Scenic Scapes - Water (Blu-ray)

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Introduce your HDTV to a majestic breathtaking core nature experience!

Now you can enjoy the beauty of several water sceneries in this Blu-ray Disc edition of Scenic Scapes - Water. Experience the calming sensation of a steadily flowing river or a fantastic sunset on the beach. All filmed in true High Definition 1080p, with relaxing classical music and vibrant lounge music, in addition to natural audio tracks in HD audio.

Water is essential to us human beings and water covers more than 70% of the earth's surface. Civilization has historically flourished around rivers and major waterways. The historic connection to our heritage in the evolution is likely the reason that most of us find the sound and appearance of flowing water to be calming, and rivers and beaches are our major targets when looking for excitement or pure relaxation. Get in touch with nature as it digitally caresses your immediate surroundings!

Classical music
Lounge music


Titel:Plasma Art / Scenic Scapes - Water
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