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Profoon Mobil Telefon 1.8" Big Button Phone Mörkgrå


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Great mobile phone for the elderly, with large keys.
A mobile phone that is easy to use and offers everything you need: comfort, smart functionality and ease of use. This Comfort mobile phone was created to ensure that you, the user, have a pleasant experience. Thanks to the clear, large and contrasting colour screen, for example, where you can easily read all the information. Or suitability for hearing aids, so that you can always hear each other clearly. But the fact that all of our devices are also 'simlock' free, so you are free to choose your own provider, or to use a pay-and-go package and recharge every once in a while. Many seniors don't need a Smartphone with numerous functionalities. That's what makes this device so perfect for the elderly: a mobile phone as it was meant to be.

An -elderly mobile phone-, what does that mean?
It means a phone that thinks along with the user. And you will see this every time you pick up the phone, by how easy it is to use. To name but a few features that our customers value most:
- It's easy to operate. Not only by using the keys, but with voice control as well.
- It has extra large keys, so you won't easily type a wrong digit or letter when selecting a number or writing a text message.
- The ease of use, which clearly shows that a lot of consideration went into designing the device.
- The alarm function, which allows you to reach five emergency numbers with the press of a single button. In case of emergency you can use the voice control to contact the emergency numbers: the number that you select will be dialled, and if that person doesn't answer, the following number will be dialled. A text message will also be sent at the same time.

Style and simplicity for an elderly mobile phone.
The device has a stylish design, where each button has a distinct function. In addition, the phone is slim and slender, so it fits comfortably in your hand. The key lock prevents you from accidentally making a call when you take your phone along in a bag or jacket. In short, a convenient and comfortable mobile phone! With Profoon Care, you choose a sophisticated and user-friendly product, of the best quality.

- SOS button
- Big button dialkeys
- Easy to use
- 2 Quick dialkeys
- Torch
- Provider independent
- Color screen
- FM radio

Battery type: Built-In Lithium-Ion
Bildskärmsstorlek: 1.8\
Direct entries: 2
Egenskap: Battery Level Indicator
Egenskap: Färgdisplay
Egenskap: Ficklampa
Egenskap: FM-Radio
Egenskap: Handsfree-högtalartelefon
Egenskap: Headsetanslutning
Egenskap: Inget SIM-kortslås
Egenskap: Justerbar ringsignal och högtalarvolym
Egenskap: Knappsatslås
Egenskap: Large Keypad
Egenskap: SMS-Funktion
Egenskap: SOS-funktion
Egenskap: Väckarklocka
Egenskap: Vibrationsfunktion
Egenskap: XL-Character Display
Medföljande tillbehör: AC Adapter
Nätverk: 900/1800 MHz
Phone book entries: 300
Programmable emergency numbers: 5
Standbytid: 350 h
Taltid: 3 h
Typ: Big Button Phone


Titel:Profoon Mobil Telefon 1.8" Big Button Phone Mörkgrå
Kategori:Senior | Hjälpmedel
Lagerstatus:Finns i lager Skickas inom 3-6 vardagar
Titel:Profoon Mobil Telefon 1.8" Big Button Phone Mörkgrå
Tillv. artikelnr:PM-778
Denna artikel skickas normalt inom 3-6 vardagar.
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