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Spontaneous (Bok)

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Ej släppt ännu. Releasedatum: 2017-08-23 
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With all the perfectly lovely young adult novels out there, you decided to check this one out? Its got spontaneously combusting teenagers in it, dude. Not the slow burning type either. Were talking the randomly exploding variety. Seniors in high school just walking along, heading to class, whistling Beyoncé, whenWA-BAM! theyre suddenly dripping off the lockers. Is that really something youre into? Confession: Im actually kinda into that too. So, now that weve established were both thoroughly weird and, I assume, thoroughly open-minded, we can give it shot, right? Lets at least read the opening chapters of this bad-boy and see if it features some of the more intriguing elements such as... - Exploding teenagers (obviously). - Hallucinogenic mushrooms. - Pyromaniacal boyfriends. - Triplet toddlers in powder blue suits. - Amur leopards and doomsday preppers. - A foul-mouthed female POTUS. - Ashtanga yoga. - Youtube sensations. - Self-driving Priuses. - Rogue FBI agents. - Mad scientists. - Homecoming. - Spring break. - Prom. - And Jennifer Lawrence. Notice how I put Jennifer Lawrence last. Shes in the book, so its not cheating. And hey, if it takes Americas most beloved movie star to sell this thing, then thats what it takes. So, in closing: Jennifer Lawrence.


Lagerstatus:Ej släppt ännu
Mått(BxHxD):138x210x24 mm
Omfång:355 sidor
Vikt:420 gram
Förlag:Penguin USA
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