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The master of Italian Baroque music is indisputably Antonio Vivaldi. Throughout his life, he composed hundreds of works, and is remembered perhaps second only to J.S. Bach, ranking as one of the most popular composers of all time. His oeuvre crosses an extraordinarily wide range, from instrumental compositions of all types to sacred cantatas and operatic works, a vast number of which are presented in this comprehensive box set.Vivaldi composed a large part of his works while working at the Ospedale della Pietà in Venice, where he was employed as a composer, teacher and violinist. The aim of the foundation was to provide an education and home for orphaned children. Vivaldi remained in the post on and off for over 30 years, and was under obligation to compose a new cantata for every feast day. His reputation, however, grew thanks to his post, adding up to over 140 in his absence. His operatic works grew vastly in number, instrumental skills rather than his compositions at first; as a violinist, he was known for his extraordinary cadenzas and virtuosic playing style. He became better known as a composer when Dutch publisher Etienne Roger brought out Lestro armonico in 1711, a hugely popular collection of 12 violin concertos, included on this release in full. J.S. Bach was particularly enthused by the manuscript, and his transcriptions for organ have gained popularity on their own merit his version is also to be found in this edition, a fascinating point of comparison, and a testament to Vivaldis reputation in his lifetime.During the 1720s and 30s, Vivaldi began to travel widely, while still sending compositionsto the Pietà in Venice when required: despite being unable to teach, he was clearly still a major asset, as he was asked to send two concertos a month by and he began working closely with soprano Anna Girò, who was rumoured to be his mistress. Vivaldi died in Vienna, and, incredibly for such a famous and wealthy man, was given a paupers burial. His last few months in Vienna had been frustratingly lacking in work, as concert houses were closed to mourn the death of Charles VI; however, his last opera was eventually staged posthumously there in 1742.Vivaldi was a divisive figure during his lifetime, well known for being vain and conceited. His vanity, though, is certainly deserved; we are left with the overwhelming evidence. More than 50 operas (of which 21 survived), 500 concertos and 90 sonatas are no mean feat for a man who by all accounts was also a superb teacher and virtuosic violinist. This release draws attention to the diversity of his oeuvre, starting with his instrumental music and moving on to feature his sacred cantatas and operas. It is the most comprehensive edition of Vivaldis music yet, bringing together 66 CDs showcasing hundreds of different performers and ensembles, many of them performing on period instruments as they strive to recreate the sound of the composers timbre through their researchled contemporaneous playing styles.


Typ:66 CD
Kategori:Klassiskt | Boxar
Lagerstatus:Fåtal i lager Skickas inom 1-3 vardagar
Antal skivor:66
Label:Brilliant Classics


  • CD 1-26:

  • 1. Violin sonatas and trios Op 1, 2 & 5
  • 2. Concertos Op 3 L'estro armonico
  • 3. Op 4 La stravaganza Op 6 & 7
  • 4. Op 8 Il eimento Op 9 La cetra
  • 5. Opp 11 & 12 / flute concertor Op 10
  • 6. Complete oboe concertos
  • 7. Complete cello concertos
  • CD 27-29:

  • 1. Concertos for small ensemble
  • 2. Trio sonatas RV 83, 84 & 86
  • CD 30:

  • 1. Ottpconcerto solenni
  • CD 31:

  • 1. Recorder concertos
  • CD 32-34:

  • 1. Concertos and sinfonias for strings
  • CD 35-36:

  • 1. Mandolin concertos
  • 2. Lute concertos Trio sonatas RV 82 & 85
  • 3. Harpsichord concerto RV 780
  • 4. Concertos Con organo obbligato
  • CD 37:

  • 1. Concertos for strings
  • CD 38:

  • 1. Bassoon concertos
  • CD 39:

  • 1. Flute concertos
  • CD 40:

  • 1. Concertos for multiple instruments
  • CD 41:

  • 1. Mandolni concertos
  • 2. Cello sonatas
  • CD 42:

  • 1. Opera overtures
  • CD 43:

  • 1. Sonatas and trios arr for recorder
  • CD 44-45:

  • 1. Complete cello sonatas
  • CD 46:

  • 1. Sonatas and trios for flure
  • CD 47:

  • 1. Oboe sonatas
  • CD 48:

  • 1. Il pastor fido Op 13
  • CD 49:

  • 1. Sonatas for flute and bassoon
  • 2. Concerto RV 103 for oboe, flute and bassoon
  • CD 50:

  • 1. Concertos transeribed for organ by J S BACH
  • CD 51-55:

  • 1. Teuzzone RV 736
  • 2. Ottone in villa RV 729
  • CD 56-66:

  • 1. Juditha triumphans RV 644
  • 2. Glorias RV 588 & 589
  • 3. Magnificats RV 610 & 611
  • 4. Stabat mater RV 621
  • 5. Dixit dominus RV 595
  • 6. Nisi dominus RV 608
  • 7. Psalms RV 604 & 605
  • 8. Landate pueri dominum RV 600
  • 9. Cantatas for soprano and alto
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