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Arne Thomas

Artaxerxes (2 SACD Hybrid)

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SACD Hybrid

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Artist/grupp:Arne Thomas
Typ:2 SACD Hybrid
Lagerstatus:Beställningsvara Skickas inom 3-6 vardagar
Antal skivor:2
Label:Linn Records


  • 1. Overture (poco Più Che Andante - La Rghetto - Gavotta)
  • 2. Recitative: Still Silence Reigns Ar Ound
  • 3. No.1, Duettino: Fair Aurora, Prithe E Stay
  • 4. Recitative: Alas, Thou Know'st That For My Love To Thee
  • 5. No.2, Air: Adieu, Thou Lovely Youth
  • 6. Recitative: O Cruel Parting! How Ca N I Survive?
  • 7. No.3, Air: Amid A Thousand Racking Woes
  • 8. Recitative: Be Firm, My Heart
  • 9. No.4, Air: Behold, On Lethe's Disma L Strand
  • 10. Recitative: Stay, Artaxerxes, Stay
  • 11. No.5, Air: Fair Semira, Lovely Maid
  • 12. Recitative: I Fear Some Dread Disas Ter...
  • 13. No.6, Air: When Real Joy We Miss
  • 14. Recitative: Ye Gods, Protectors Of The Persian Empire
  • 15. No.7, Air: How Hard Is The Fate
  • 16. Recitative: Whither Do I Fly?
  • 17. No.8, Air: Thy Father! Away, I Reno Unce The Soft Claim
  • 18. Recitative: Ye Cruel Gods, What Cri Me Have I Committed
  • 19. No.9, Air: Acquit Thee Of This Foul Offence
  • 20. Recitative: Appearance, I Must Own, Is Strong Against Me
  • 21. No.10, Air: O Too Lovely, Too Unkin D
  • 22. Accompanied Recitative: Dear And Be Loved Shade
  • 23. No.11, Air: Fly, Soft Ideas, Fly
  • 24. Recitative: Guards, Speed Ye To The Tower
  • 25. No.12, Air: In Infancy, Our Hopes A Nd Fears
  • 26. Recitative: So Far My Great Resolve Succeeds
  • 27. No.13, Air: Disdainful You Fly Me
  • 28. Recitative: Why, My Dear Friend, So Pensive, So Inactive?
  • 29. No.14, Air: To Sigh And Complain
  • 30. Recitative: How Many Links To Dire Misfortune's Chain
  • 31. No.15, Air: If O'er The Cruel Tyran T Love
  • 32. Recitative: Which Fatal Evil Shall I First Oppose?
  • 33. No.16, Air: If The River's Swelling Waves
  • 34. Recitative: Ye Solid Pillars Of The Persian Empire
  • 35. No.17, Air: By That Belov'd Embrace
  • 36. Recitative: Ah Me, At Poor Arbaces' Parting
  • 37. No.18, Air: Monster, Away
  • 38. Recitative: See, Lov'd Semira
  • 39. Accompanied Recitative: At Last My Soul Has Room
  • 40. No.19, Air: Thou, Like The Glorious Sun
  • 41. No.20, Air: Why Is Death For Ever L Ate
  • 42. Recitative: Arbaces! Gracious Heav' N, What's This I See?
  • 43. No.21, Air: Water Parted From The S Ea
  • 44. Recitative: That Face, Secure In Co Nscious Innocence
  • 45. No.22, Air: Though Oft A Cloud With Envious Shade
  • 46. Recitative: My Son, Arbaces... Wher E Art Thou Retir'd?
  • 47. No.23, Air: O Let The Danger Of A S On
  • 48. Accompanied Recitative: Ye Adverse Gods!
  • 49. No.24, Air: O, Much Lov'd Son, If D Eath
  • 50. Recitative: Perhaps The King Releas 'd Arbaces
  • 51. No.25, Air: Let Not Rage, Thy Bosom Firing
  • 52. Recitative: What Have I Done? Alas, I Vainly Thought
  • 53. No.26, Air: 'tis Not True That In O Ur Grief
  • 54. Recitative: Nor Here My Searching E Yes Can Find Mandane
  • 55. No.27, Duetto: For Thee I Live, My Dearest
  • 56. Recitative: To You, My People, Much Belov'd
  • 57. No.28, Air: The Soldier, Tir'd Of W Ar's Alarms
  • 58. Recitative: Behold, My King, Arbace S At Thy Feet
  • 59. No.29, Finale: Live To Us, To Empir E Live
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