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Poet and the parrot 2013 (CD)

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The story of BOMBUS begins pretty similar like the story of almost every music maniacs who wants to start a band. 2008 in Gothenburg/Sweden a bunch of friends who shared the same obsession for heavy music got together just with a rough idea. They had the vision to play their own unique kind of "no bullshit metal and hard rock served with a slice of punkrock energy", as they describe it. Inspired by the record collections of each band member, they wanted to create a modern kick ass mixture of their most loved bands without copying them in any kind. Said and done,

BOMBUS was born and things started to shape up pretty fast. BOMBUS started out in the
underground scene in Gothenburg where they quickly built themselves a solid fan base and reputation as "all killer, no filler" live act. Two years after the band was founded (2010), they released three 7" singles and one full studio album on their own label Mourningwood Records.

After extended touring across Europe in support of this self-titled debut album, BOMBUS continued to write and record new material in early 2012. This was the time when CENTURY MEDIA RECORDS got aware of the band by seeing them live and hearing the demos of the
new songs. The energy and quality of these demo tapes convinced C.M.R. and a deal was nailed pretty fast to continue the sequel.


Titel:Poet and the parrot 2013
Lagerstatus:Beställningsvara Skickas inom 3-6 vardagar
Antal skivor:1
Label:Century Media


  • 1. Enter The Night
  • 2. The Poet And The Parrot
  • 3. Liars
  • 4. A Safe Passage
  • 5. Apparatus
  • 6. Let Her Die
  • 7. Master The Reality
  • 8. Into The Fire
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