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Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Est)

What It... (2 Vinyl LP)

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Vinyl LP

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Artist/grupp:Empire! Empire!...
Titel:What It...
Typ:2 Vinyl LP
Kategori:Pop, Rock & Punk
Lagerstatus:Beställningsvara Skickas inom 3-6 vardagar
Antal skivor:2
Label:Run For Cove


  • 1. How To Make Love Stay
  • 2. Keep What You Have Built Up Here
  • 3. What Safe Means
  • 4. It Happened Because You Left
  • 5. Rally The Troops! Poke Holes In The Ir Defenses! Line Our Coffers With
  • 6. It's A Plague, And You're Invited
  • 7. Everything Is Connected And Everyth Ing Matters A Temporary Solution To
  • 8. The Next Step To Regaining Control
  • 9. With Your Greatest Fears Realized, You Will Not Be Comforted
  • 10. I Am A Snail, And You Are A Pace I Cannot Match
  • 11. An Idea Is A Greater Monument Than A Cathedral
  • 12. Archival Footage
  • 13. It Was Your Heart That Saved You
  • 14. So How Many Points Do You Have 'til L You Gain, You Know, The Ultimate
  • 15. Actually, I'm Just Wearing Your Gla Sses
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