1. 1. Early in the morning (with Van Morrison)
  2. 2. Tired of your jive (with Billy F Gibbons)
  3. 3. The thrill is gone (with Eric Clapton)
  4. 4. Need your love so bad (with Sheryl Crow)
  5. 5. Ain't nobody home (with Daryl Hall)
  6. 6. Hummingbird (with John Mayer)
  7. 7. All over again (with Mark Knopfler)
  8. 8. Drivin' wheel (with Glenn Frey)
  9. 9. There must be a better world somewhere (with Gloria Estefan)
  10. 10. Never make your move too soon (with Roger Daltrey)
  11. 11. Funny how time slips away (with Bobby Bland)
  12. 12. Rock this house (with Elton John)
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