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Onkyo / Iron Maiden: ED-PHON3S Hörlur


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IRON MAIDEN & ONKYO ED-PHON3S: Exklusiva on-earlurar, designade med hjälp av Steve Harris för den kräsne rockkonsumenten!

ED-PH0N3S har specialdesignats för att ge Iron Maiden-fansen det optimala sättet att njuta av metal och rock! Med klarhet och brett akustiskt spektra utarbetade av Iron Maidens basist, grundare, medlem och co-producer Steve Harris.

ED-PH0N3S användes av Steve Harris vid mixningen av Iron Maiden-studioalbumet "The Souls Book". Steve hade ett handbyggt par lurar under mixningen som ONKYO sedan tog till produktionsbandet vilket tog 9 månader för att säkerställa dess höga kvalitet.

ED-PH0N3S Specifications:

Driver Type Dynamic (Titanium coated diaphragm)
Driver Size 40 mm
Frequency Response 10Hz - 27kHz
Weight 245g
Max Input Power 800mW
Pressure Level 105dB/mW Nominal
Impedance 32 Ohms
Cable Length 160cm (63 inch)
Plug Type 3.5 mm
Supplied Adapter 6.35mm (1/4 inch)

The Maiden Audio partnership was announced at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January. Over the following months, Steve Harris worked directly with Mark Cheffins, Artist Relations & Technical Consultant at ONKYO and their Japanese engineers. The resulting ED-PH0N3S are customised to Steve's exacting sonic requirements delivering the ultimate audio experience when listening to IRON MAIDEN or any rock and metal music.

Steve explains how the alliance came about,

"I knew that I would need some really good headphones to use for playback of the mixes of 'The Book Of Souls', our new Maiden studio album. I'd actually started looking into this about eighteen months prior to when we started recording because I'd been struggling to find a design which came even remotely close to what I felt was an acceptable sonic standard for rock/metal. My main objective was for a balance that wasn't just top and bottom heavy with hardly any mid range like a lot of headphones these days that are basically designed for dance music. I wanted a good balance across the widest bandwidth incorporating a lot more mid range frequencies, something I strongly feel is vital to appreciate the complexities of our music and rock/metal in general. A friend at ONKYO suggested I get in touch with the company to create a design that could meet my specifications. We started collaborating and have been working on them ever since, endlessly evaluating frequencies and modifying drive units, materials, cables and connectors until we achieved my ideal balance. I am now really happy with the final result!"


Titel:Onkyo / Iron Maiden: ED-PHON3S Hörlur
Lagerstatus:Finns i lager Skickas inom 1-3 vardagar
Tillv. artikelnr:ED-PHON3S
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