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Piano music (Jeroen van Veen) (2 CD)



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Variously described as contemporary classical, minimalist and even New Age, Yirumas gorgeously peaceful music is impossible to classify it is simply there to be enjoyed. The South Korean composer, born in 1978, studied in the UK and has made a name for himself in both in his native country and in Europe, regularly performing to sellout audiences around the globe. Despite his definite celebrity status, his music remains resolutely simple and unpretentious; more in the style of short pop music songs than regular solo piano pieces, the very best of it can be enjoyed on this exciting 2CD release which includes, among others, the hit River Flows In You, now a regular feature on wedding music albums. Jeroen van Veen, himself a prolific composer as well as renowned pianist, fell in love with Yirumas music on first hearing. As he explains in his liner notes, the musics enduring popularity is down to its simplicity for player and listener alike. Not many classical composers can boast of having millions of fans, and millions of YouTube views to boot; Yiruma, however, effortlessly bridges the gap between popular and classical, and, most of all, allows the listener to relax and unwind. Brilliant Classics is proud to offer this new recording in the same month together with a new line of vinyl LP releases. With music by Pärt, Satie, Einaudi and other renowned minimalist composers making up the first two batches of vinyl, this exciting new development gives the listener a real opportunity to sit down and savour music just the way it used to be appreciated.


Titel:Piano music (Jeroen van Veen)
Typ:2 CD
Lagerstatus:Beställningsvara Skickas inom 3-6 vardagar
Antal skivor:2
Label:Brilliant Classics


  • 1. Chaconne
  • 2. Mika's Song
  • 3. 27 May
  • 4. Spring Waltz
  • 5. The View From My Window
  • 6. Sky
  • 7. The Day After
  • 8. Fairy Tale
  • 9. Do You?
  • 10. Love Me
  • 11. I
  • 12. Wait There
  • 13. Passing By
  • 14. The Things I Really
  • 15. Indigo
  • 16. Poem
  • 17. Infinia
  • 18. Reminiscent
  • 19. Tears On Love
  • 20. Yellow Room
  • 21. River Flows In You
  • 22. One Day I Will
  • 23. Loanna
  • 24. Beloved
  • 25. Kiss The Rain
  • 26. Our Same World
  • 27. May Be
  • 28. Fotografia
  • 29. Destiny Of Love
  • 30. Sometimes ? Someone
  • 31. It's Your Day
  • 32. I'm Just A
  • 33. When The Love Falls
  • 34. When The Love Falls
  • 35. ...
  • 36. The Scenery Begins
  • 37. Falling
  • 38. With The Wind
  • 39. All Myself To You
  • 40. Time Forgets
  • 41. Tears
  • 42. Dream
  • 43. Picture Me
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